Dealing With Pet Hair When Using Canister Vacuum Cleaners


Pets bring so much happiness and joy to those who love keeping them at home. Pet lovers have different preferences, which is why some people would keep cats or dogs only. Some would even keep both. However, these furred animals can cause a lot of difficulties when cleaning the house using canister vacuum cleaners. When the pets rub against the floor, furniture, and other appliances in the house, they drop small strands of hair to the floor of the house. This also happens when people touch them. The hair is sucked into the vacuum cleaner and clogs up some of its components. Here are a few things you should know to help you minimise pet hair problems when using canister vacuum cleaners:

Washable and non-washable filters

For canister vacuum cleaners, pet hair always causes a breakdown of the machine. This is because the hair can pass through the filter into other parts or stay there and clog it. Wipe the filter with a cloth or soft brush to remove the hairs strands that you can reach.

However, it is difficult to get rid of all the pet hair from the filter because some of the strands might be caught up in parts that the cloth or brush cannot reach. Therefore, you should buy a Smeg canister vacuum cleaner with a washable filter, which can be immersed in water and cleaned more thoroughly.

Clean the pipes and hose

The filter is not the only component of the vacuum cleaner that is susceptible to clogging. The pet hair can also stick in the pipes and hose. If you have pets, it is important to look through the pipe and the hose to make sure that the hair has not formed small balls that inhibit the passage of other vacuumed materials. The blocked passages increase the pressure in the vacuum cleaner, reducing its suction ability and elevating the chances of overheating. You can use long tubular objects to push out the small balls of hair to keep the machine's pressure as low as possible. 

Custom made alternatives

There are canister vacuum cleaners designed specifically for helping you clean without having to worry about pet hair. The filter and dirt collection system are designed to deal with the clogging effects that pet hair causes. If possible trade in an old one with this custom made vacuum cleaner to avoid regular repair costs.

Go bagless

A bagless canister vacuum cleaner is a better option than the one with a dirt collection bag. Bagless canister vacuum cleaners have a quicker and more efficient dirt release function, suitable when dealing with pet hair.


19 February 2016

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