Why You Should Light Up Your Home with LED Lights


Many of today's homeowners are increasingly making the switch from fluorescents and incandescent lighting systems to LED lights. One of the primary reasons behind this trend is that LED lights are considered to be more energy efficient, presenting an opportunity for people to make considerable cost savings in their monthly electricity bills.

But energy- and cost-efficiency are not the only benefits that LED lights have to offer homeowners. Read on to be enlightened about a few other advantages that can be realised by taking the LED lighting pathway.

Protection from ultraviolet radiation

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light emitted from traditional light sources like fluorescent bulbs can lead to serious skin-related illnesses such as skin cancer, meaning that your health expenses may increase drastically. Aside from the human health risks associated with ultraviolet radiation, your expensive interior furnishings may also fade rather quickly, causing you to replace them more frequently than normal.

With LED lights, the occupants of your home and your expensive interior carpets, furniture, curtains and drapes will be protected from ultraviolet radiation, as the amount of the radiation produced by the lights is almost negligible. This little amount of ultraviolet radiation is then converted into white light by phosphor found inside a light fixture. 

Environmentally friendly

The presence of hazardous substances in light sources poses a serious threat to environmental safety. In the pursuit for more environmentally friendly lighting, more and more homeowners are on track to replace traditional lighting systems such as fluorescent light bulbs, which contain toxic elements such as mercury, with LED lights.

LED lights do not contain toxic substances, and this helps prevent contamination of landfills. They also save you costs incurred to ensure proper disposal of lighting fixtures containing toxic waste. As they can last longer than fluorescents and incandescent lights, LED lights will take longer before they can be disposed of, leading to less impact on landfills.

Brighter light

Unlike other lighting systems that waste a lot of energy by illuminating in all directions (including ceiling areas), LEDs focus and distribute light where it is needed the most. Because the light emitted from LEDs is relatively more directional than other lighting sources such as incandescent lighting systems, you will require less LED lights to achieve the same level of brightness compared to when you are using incandescent or fluorescent lights. This essentially means that LED lights are brighter than fluorescents and incandescent lights.

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20 April 2016

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