Air Purifiers: What Are Your Options?


In an attempt to create a healthy indoor environment by sealing out contaminants from the outdoors, some homeowners end up creating an environment that is almost hermetically sealed. This is not ideal, as what you end up doing is trap pollutants and contaminants such as pet dander, allergens, bacteria and a host of microorganisms in the home. If you would like to ensure that you and your loved ones are breathing clean and safe air, then you may want to consider investing in air purifiers. So what are some of the home purification options that you could consider?

UV air purifiers

As the name suggests, these types of purifiers will make use of ultraviolet rays to sterilise the air in the home. UV purifiers are best at eliminating microorganisms and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. To operate, the purifier will release pulses of light from an ultraviolet bulb. These light pulses literally zap the microorganisms that are floating in your indoor air. If you or your loved ones are prone to minor illnesses such as the common cold or if you have a newborn baby in the home, then this would be an ideal solution for your air purification needs. It should be noted that UV purifiers are not fitted with filters. Therefore, they are not capable of cleaning your air of other pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke and more.

HEPA purifiers

HEPA is the abbreviation of High-Efficiency Particulate Air. These are one of the more expensive air purifiers that you can find in the market. The reason for this is they are adept at eliminating a wide assortment of pollutants from your air ranging from large particles to microscopic matter. Therefore, a HEPA purifier would be ideal if you are looking to get rid of pollutants that make their way into your home from the outdoors, such as dust and pollen. They are also an effective solution for homeowners who have pets as the HEPA purifier will also get rid of pet dander. If you choose to invest in a HEPA purifier, ensure that you have the filters changes on a scheduled basis or the efficiency of the air purifier will be compromised.

Activated carbon filters

As the name suggests, the main component of this type of filter is the activated carbon. Once the carbon has been activated, it becomes porous and absorbent. As such, it will take in pollutants such as smoke, gases, odours and more. Since this type of purifier is used to eliminate gases from your air, they typically are used in tandem with another type of purifier.


1 November 2016

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