The Benefits of Having a Ducted Vacuum System in Your Home


A ducted or central vacuum system is a good upgrade to consider for your home, and something to think about adding to a new home construction. There are many advantages to a ducted or central vacuum system, some of which you might not have considered. For yourself or for someone in your family, note a few of those advantages here. 1. They eliminate the need for a heavy vacuum cleaner

13 May 2015

What Are the Types of Commercial Ice Machines & Ice You Can Choose From?


Do you need ice on a regular basis on your commercial property? Then you should invest in an ice machine. To do that you should take the time to learn about the different ice machines out there and the various types of ice that they can produce. By doing so you can come up with an ice supply solution that will match your specific requirements. With that thought in mind here are the most common types of ice machines and the ice types that you can choose from.

14 April 2015