Air Purifiers: What Are Your Options?


In an attempt to create a healthy indoor environment by sealing out contaminants from the outdoors, some homeowners end up creating an environment that is almost hermetically sealed. This is not ideal, as what you end up doing is trap pollutants and contaminants such as pet dander, allergens, bacteria and a host of microorganisms in the home. If you would like to ensure that you and your loved ones are breathing clean and safe air, then you may want to consider investing in air purifiers.

1 November 2016

Why You Should Light Up Your Home with LED Lights


Many of today's homeowners are increasingly making the switch from fluorescents and incandescent lighting systems to LED lights. One of the primary reasons behind this trend is that LED lights are considered to be more energy efficient, presenting an opportunity for people to make considerable cost savings in their monthly electricity bills. But energy- and cost-efficiency are not the only benefits that LED lights have to offer homeowners. Read on to be enlightened about a few other advantages that can be realised by taking the LED lighting pathway.

20 April 2016

Dealing With Pet Hair When Using Canister Vacuum Cleaners


Pets bring so much happiness and joy to those who love keeping them at home. Pet lovers have different preferences, which is why some people would keep cats or dogs only. Some would even keep both. However, these furred animals can cause a lot of difficulties when cleaning the house using canister vacuum cleaners. When the pets rub against the floor, furniture, and other appliances in the house, they drop small strands of hair to the floor of the house.

19 February 2016